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Please read this to see how I have had to fight for JUSTICE and know that I would try to help get JUSTICE  for you in important areas or our government.  I have filed about 20 lawsuits that have been dismissed by corrupt judges that care more about money and power than JUSTICE.   I went to the offices of most of the 535 members of Congress  three different times and none of them would meet with me.  We need people in Congress and elsewhere who actually care about Justice.  Please support my candidacy for U.S. Senate.

Some Background: 
I can't imagine anyone who is running for the U.S. Senate has more passion for Justice that I do.  I can't imagine that anyone running for the Senate has bee more victimized and tortured than I have.
Because of having a V on my forehead when I was a baby, people came from miles around to the hospital to see what they hoped was the" Victory Baby". This was during WWII and it was hoped that this was a sign that the war would soon be over.  
I got some notoriety and some people ,evidently, were afraid I might run for a high office and interfere with their political plans and lust for power and money.

When My former husband was divorcing me, I was told at Luke Air Force Base that I needed an operation that I did not need.  The operation took away the privacy of my own thoughts.  How would like others to be able to listen to your thoughts.  It is miserable at times.  That was a way for the forces of evil to try and disable me and cause people to dislike or hate me.  
I have become a target of people who gas me in my car, where I rent rooms, etc.  They break my cars and mess with my electronic equipment that I use.

After one of our Presidents got in and after 1993, a cruel element of the Government, I believe, started transmitting into my head and sometimes pop words out of my mouth like the N. word.  They also sleep deprive me and goad me about that and about gassing me etc. Criticism goes on and on.  Sleep deprivation and gassing are the most difficult  to deal with, 

Don't you think it is about time that I am able to confront Congress and try to get this torture stopped.  Isn't it about time I was able to help you with the injustices in this country.   Please help stop the torture and help save my life.  Please let me help you have a better quality of life.

In The

Introductory Statement (S.CT Memorandum 2000) Because powerful were afraid the Petitioner might run for President, some saw to it that she was implanted with a brainwave device in 1978; she was told at a military clinic that she needed an operation that she did not need; her husband was divorcing her and would not be there as a control factor.
In 1995/ when Clinton was running for re-election, transmitted words, and sentences such as racial slurs (the N. word etc.) and mean vulgar sexual words etc. were transmitted in to make people hate the Petitioner. Generally, this happens when a court case is being dismissed  and around Clinton's  innaugeration, the Milenium, some Thanksgivings, Christmases, etc. and presently. She is kept awake all night at times hearing their awful transmissions and not knowing who is listening and thinking she is thinking these awful words. At these and other times she is gassed (intermittently), stalked, and harassed. This has gone on for over a month at a time. It is difficult to recover from the gassing with very little sleep. She has almost no privacy even to go to the bathroom; people can listen to wherever she is planning to go and stalk her.  It is
very difficult to tell the court on paper (or be brief) just how horrible it has been.
l.The old question: shall the Constitution protect the people from the Government.       2. Shall  the Constitution and criminal laws mean nothing when elements of the
 Government and other powerful people conspire to use a brainwave-receiver broadcasting device, defamation, innuendo, mental cruelty, poison gasses, bodily injury,torture, and attempted murder,to destroy a victim or victims?
3. Shall the American people see that the highest foundational
laws their country and government is supposed to stand for,
 uphold and defend, can blatantly be violated by the
 government and other powerful people who conspire to
  destroy a victim's (s) life and health?


Questions Presented.          i
Table of Contents               ii
Table of Cited Authoritiesiii
Table of Appendices.          iv
Statement of Jurisdiction.                                            1
Constitutional and Statutory Provisions Involved  1
Statement of the Case                                                   4
Reasons for Granting the Writ                                    10

Clinton v.Jones, 95 S. Ct. 1853(1997)9,10
United States Constitution:
First Amendment1
Fourth Amendment1
Eigjth Amendrnent 1,7
Ninth Amendment2
Thirteenth Amendment3
Fourteenth Amendment4
28U.S.C. Section 1651(a)1
28U.S.C. Section 1391 and 13329
42U.S.C Section 19832,8
18U.S.C. Section 241 and Section 373(a) 2,3,8
42U.S.C Sections 1985,1986,19883
18U.S.C Section 1512 and 15133
18U.S.C. Sectionsll4, 229, and 1133
18U.S.C Section 13463
Also, other Statutes and Amendments deemed applicable and triable.


The Petitioner has not been able to get Justice in the federal courts. The District of Columbia courts are packed with Clinton appointees. According to Judicial Watch, people who file against Clinton have been assigned Clinton appointed judges who will rule in his favor and the random selection process has been bypassed. The Plaintiff has filed a motion twice asking for Judge Royce Lamberth ; She has been given the same Clinton appointed judge with the clerk saying it was done at random.
The jurisdiction of this court is being evoked pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1651(a).
This case involves the Constitution and several Amendments and also several other statutes: 42 U.S.C. 1983; 18 U.S,C.. Section 241,373(a) plus others listed later.
The First Amendment provides: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercises thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The Fourth Amendment provides: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and, no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
The Eighth Amendment provides: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.

The Ninth Amendment provides: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage other retained by the people.
The Thirteenth Amendment Section one provides: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
The Fourteenth Amendment provides in pertinent part: No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the :privileges or immumties of citizens
shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law ; nor deny to any person within the jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
42 U.S.C Section 1983 (Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights) provides as follows:
Every person who, under color of any statute ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any state or Territory or the District of Columbia subjects, or causes to be subjected any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable -
18U.S.C. 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights) provides:
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten,
or intiimidate any persons in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or

enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more that ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of. years .or .for life,or.both, or may., be sentenced to death.
18 Section 373(a) (Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice) provides:
Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States, and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, induces or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct, shall be imprisoned not more that one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half of the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited, or both; or if the crime solicited is prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited is punishable by life imprisonment or death, shall be imprisoned for not more than twenty years.
Also Statutes: 42 Section 1985,1986 and 1988; 18 U.S.C. Section 1512 and 1513 (Obstruction of Justice); 18 U.S.C Section 114 (Torture); 18 U.S.C. Section 229 (Toxic Fumes); 18 U.S.C: Section 113 (Bodily Injury); 42 Section Chapter .136(b)(1) (Stalking); 18 U.S.C. Section 1346 (Fraud); and other Statutes and Amendments deemed applicable and triable.

Some Background:
The Petitioner was born during World War II with a V. on her forehead. Some thought it was a good sign that the war would soon end. Some political forces knew she was a good person, were afraid she would run for President, and might mess up their lust for power money; (She had NO idea of running; she wanted to be a good counselor.) they knew she loved the good values of this country and were afraid good people would vote for her. Her heroes were people like Jesus , Abraham Lincoln , and other people with high character She liked :books about-them and other people who had had adversity and still had very high character. She also liked movies about the same kind of people such as: I'll Cry Tomorrow , A movie about Jane Froman , a good woman who was a singer who lost her leg in World War II while entertaining the troops and kept entertaining them in spite of that. The Petitioner is explaining this because there has been much defamation, innuendo, and malicious publicity spread across this nation about her for many years. The Petitioner also has several good references that the Court can view where she was trying to work under nearly impossible conditions because of this device and the  defamation; people have often formed a negative opinion before she arrives at a job, a court, or anywhere else. As stated, in 1978, as a result of being told at a military base she needed an operation she did not need, she was implanted with a brainwave device; her husband was divorcing her and would not be there as a control factor. No one told her about this. It has taken away her privacy even of her own thoughts. In 1995, when horrible words and sentences were transmitted, she realized she had the device. Clinton was running for re¬election and a court case was being dismissed; he undoubtedly thought she would mess up his re-election because if she had won the case she probably would have tried to run against him; he undoubtedly knew she had written the states for information about getting on the ballot.


As a counselor she tried to talk people out of name calling and "put downs". The transmitters take the things she strongly believes in and use them against her. Thus, they transmit in the N. word and other racial slurs etc. to make it appear the Petitioner is thinking these names. They also transmit in a lot of other horrible words and sentences in the presence of others ;they keep her up sometimes all night for over a month at time when she is being gassed off and on during the day and sometimes when she is trying to sleep. Her vehicles have been destroyed by conspirators. She was gassed so bad on an interstate highway that she had to keep pulling off:for.fresh air; she:believes that they were trying to; kill her or injure her; she finally pulled off and went and parked at a restaurant that was closed and slept for a good while. On the same trip she was purposely rear-ended on another interstate and her car was totaled; her car was taken to a salvage place in the country; the owner asked if she was going to sleep in her car; he apparently knew she had been sleeping in her car. She left with just what she could carry; (She forgot to take her a copy of a case she had pending and later had to go to the U.S. District Court in Orlando to recopy it after she found out that it had been dismissed.) After she had walked a ways an officer picked her up; he took her to a place where she took a bus to a nearby city where there was a homeless shelter. Horrible words and sentences were transmitted in when she was trying to sleep approximately two feet from other homeless people. She was very embarrassed and miserable because they did not know it was not her words. The staff would play very negative things on the T.V. until late at night. Most of the homeless people were turned against her because of the device and defamation; she  was an outcast. Someone stoled her shoes; she bought some men's work boots from a woman; she had no socks and when it rained her feet peeled off in layers and she could hardly walk.-Someone left some clean socks out to apparently try to get her. to steal some but she did not. Someone came to the shelter and-asked her if she wanted to go to a different

shelter; she rode in the back of a pickup to a shelter in another part of the state. After she got there she went to an ATM and got some money; she then made several phone calls explaining it had been a conspiracy; the insurance company said they would pay her for the value of the car. After she took a bus back to where her mailbox was, she had a letter from the court saying her case had been dismissed. Another time, she had to exit off the interstate highway because of toxic fumes when she was on her way to work; she was purposely hit behind her rear tire on the side. A good wrecker driver was persuaded to help her pull the side away from the tire with a big hook and is truck so that she could. drive on to work; conspirators apparently wanted her badly hurt or at least without transportation to work. Another car was ruined during a big series of events ; her car was destroyed by bad fuel that time. She is gassed where she tries to rent an inexpensive room, at times by her car, and where she tries to live in and work. She cannot seem to find anywhere to live or work where there is not a Clinton conspirator in control. It is nearly impossible to support herself. After years of filling out applications and going to phony interviews where they just wanted to see what she would say, she finally got a maid job at a motel. They were doing all kinds of conspiracies. A person she was trying to help threw covers over her purse to hide it.  It appeared that they just wanted to steal her purse and make her miserable enough to quit. There seems to be no where she is safe. She has been gassed by federally funded and private vehicles especially when a court case is being dismissed against Clinton and the Government.  Some of the police have harassed her at many places during the Clinton years. On her way to Washington D.C. during the impeachment trial she was being gassed by industrial plants. At one point a when she was feeling terrible from the gassing, a citizen suggested that she go into a nearby convention center. There were
probably twenty to thirty stalls in the restroom. She was the
only one in there most of the time. A male policeman came

into the restroom and ordered her out of a stall. He would not let her explain because he knew she was trying to recover. At a different place on the same trip at least two police cars and a fire-truck converged on her in a park where she. was trying to get fresh air. An E.M.T told her to a sign a paper or she would have to deal with the police standing there. She did not sign. One grabbed her keys and thought it was amusing that her mace was out of date. After some discussion they finally left. The one who had grabbed her keys came back to harass her more. Before another court case dismissal she was put in jail for sleeping in her car and her  bail was set at $1000.  (Amendment VIII) The  arresting officer  lied repeatedly. When the Petitioner said that she was embellishing , she told the Petitioner to shut up or she would strap her down. She has a liver problem from the gassing and gets acid in her mouth at times. After they dumped her stuff out of her purse, she picked up an anti-acid. One of the police twisted her arm so hard that she started yelling. He finally let go. One made a smart remark that she
was a section___(mental case) Some females were present while she changed into the jail coveralls. One of them said she had slept in her car and then asked her a question
about whether she had had any mental problems. She wasgiven a little cup of liquid anti-acid and one to take to the cell.  It must have been drugged because she could not sleep and  she urinated probably fifteen times. She thinks that they wanted her on edge and dehydrated so she would get angry and blow up at the. judge on arraignment the next morning.She figured out what was going on so she tried to remain calm. She explained that she was in a bad political situation:  She also asked what one is supposed to do if one could only  .afford a $200 a month room where she was being gassed. He
[lowered-her bail to $200. When she was checking out of the jail, a magistrate said that she was the only one that he had  known to be brought in on that charge except someone who was drunk and disorderly. Months later when she appeared in court the officer was absent so the court date was put off.

She sent a motion to the court asking them to dismiss the case,explaining that it was a Clinton conspiracy. Finally, she got agood Judge who dismissed her case saying she had beenprosecuted enough.
 These are just a few of the 100's or 1000’s of conspiracies she has had to endure. It is just horrible when people who are supposed to help victims, victimize them(18  U.S.C. Section 241 and 42 Section 1983.) (Please apply the Amendments and Statutes from the Constitutional and Statutory provisions Involved (pages 1 to 4) throughout this Statement section, otherwise many would need to be repeated many times.) She has tried to get help from the F.B.I. several times She finally found one who would see her. He said he was sorry. In 2000 , while living in Virginia, she called the F.B.I, and tried to get help. She was transferred to one rude person after another. She called back that night and one asked if she had any paperclips; he then told her to put them in the window(to them she was just someone to play with). She went to a U.S. Attorney's Office in 1997 to try to file criminal charges if she did not get satisfaction in her civil case; she was delivering a summons and complaint. She was told to go to the library to see how to it. After much persistence she was finally given an intake form. She was angry because they were amused about her grave situation. She hurriedly filled out the form. (Please see appendix A) She received a letter not even mentioning her criminal allegations but saying her intake form alleged matters that were civil in nature(appendix B). When she called their office the managing assistant was very rude. Federal Judges use any excuse to dismiss her cases not caring about the spirit of the law; one said she had not served the defendants with the complaint and summons. She had , and it took a great deal of effort to keep that case alive because someone disabled her car; she was very run down and weak from being gassed but she took a bus to Orlando. When she got there the copy machine had an out of order sign on it. The judge used another excuse to dismiss the case later. Federal Judges have dismissed her cases using sovereign immunity, subject matter jurisdiction, and calling them frivolous etc. U.S. Sup Ct Case 95-1853  Clinton V. Jones (1997) refuted Sovereign Immunity but they continue to state it. Any child or honest adult.who cares about Justice, the Constitution, criminal laws and victims knows it is not frivolus. The last judge, a Clinton appointee, in the U.S. District Court in D.C. dismissed it on December 11,2001 using res ajudicata. She should not have filed it before but should have filed it in the U.S. District Court in D.C. because the US. Government resides in D.C. (U.S.C. 1391,1332). The D.C. Court is loaded with   CIinton appointees to keep his victims, from. getting  Justice and keep him out of court. She has had much trouble with U.S. District Courts , federal employees, and others. In The U.S. District Court in D.C, one clerk was giving the petitioner a difficult time; the clerk seemed to think the Petitioner's situation was amusing. When the Petitioner raised her voice, the clerk called security. She was escorted outside. The man said she could come back another time. He received a phone call, and she was then told that she would need to send her motions by mail. There were so many conspiracies that she thought her case #CV02290 would undoubtedly be dismissed, so she went to the court February12, 2001 and filed a motion to withdraw her case and moved   to; get judge Lamberth before she filed a new case under a  new. administration. She had asked for Judge Lamberth   before because he is the only one she knows of that has ruled   against Clinton, and she has read that The D .C. Court has   fixed it to where Clinton's victims are assigned Judges who
  rule for him. She paid her fee and they assigned her new ] case-to the same judge (CV0321). When she reminded them   that she had just filed a motion for a different judge, they replied   that it was done at random. They conveniently lost her motion to w withdraw Case #CV02290 and told her she would   need to file it again. On March 5,2001 she filed copies again . to.withdraw the CV02290 and asked for Judge Lamberth. On.April 3,2001 she filed copies again to withdraw or dismiss
and asked for Judge Lamberth (Appendic C.) 

In the event that all of her motions to withdraw case #CV02290 had again been lost or something else had happened to them, she went ahead and filed an Answer to Defendants Motion to Dismiss on April 10,2001, (Please read for understanding Appendix D). - She then got an order saying that she had asked for her case to be "dismissed forever" and he dismissed the Case# 02290 with prejudice (Please see appendix E.). She then filed a motion to quash the order.(Please see appendix F.) On September 12,2001 he signed an order granting that her new case #CV0321 could have Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice as the first listed offense. On December 11, 2001 he signed the order dismissing her newer case #CV0321 during one on the gassing and transmitting "wars" that has been going on since about a week before Thanksgiving, (he used res judicada as stated before) This is just a fraction of Conspiracies she has had to deal with in The U.S. District Court in D.C. and other U.S. Districts Courts who do not care about the Constitution, criminal laws, or victims. Please help this poor victim as you did in Clinton V. Jones (1997) and free her from this bondage. No one, not even murderers, are supposed to have to deal with this kind of political torture and harassment. She needs this device out and money to get away from the gassers. She will be sixty in. not many years. This is a travesty of Justice that should never have happened in a country with the high ideals we espouse and with our Constitution and criminal laws.
REASONS FOR GRANTING THE WRIT l.The Petitioner has not been able to get Justice in any other federal court during the Clinton Administration or presently, The D. C. Courts are packed with Clinton appointed judges; according to Judicial Watch, people who file against Clinton have been" assigned Clinton appointed judges and they have not been assigned at random as they were supposed to be assigned. The Petitioner is one of these victims.
2. The Supreme Court and Judge Royce Lamberth appear to be the only ones who are willing to rule against Clinton; The .Petitioner has asked for him twice but cannot get him. 
 3, Other people may have been implanted with a device who need to be liberated from mental facilities etc.; other people may have had other similar life threatening harassment from the Government and other powerful people.
4.Many think Clinton has committed treason selling military secrets and has destroyed many other lives.
5.Having this brainwave device, and the defamation, and innuendo. has. Destroyed most things most. people, value., a way to make a living (they destroyed her counseling career and any other job is nearly impossible with the horrible man made disability; she spent much of her life preparing for a helping profession and got much self-satisfaction and got energized trying to help make children's and other individual's lives better.) conspirators are trying to destroy her health and are succeeding, healthcare is usually conspiratorial and she cannot afford much, friendship and and companionship are ruined ( her dog was even stolen by conspirators), having children, she is a freak or target etc.
6.It appears that during the Clinton Administration not only were Clinton Judges appointed to obstruct Justice but it also appears that at least one statute was changed to aid judges in their obstruction of Justice. It would appear that as it now reads the last part of 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 (2000 edition) is unconstitutional and contrary to the first Amendment. The'1994 edition is the way it should read. The 2000 edition gives judicial officers a loophole or license to be above the law and ,do the opposite of what their duty and job is: to rule for Justice and victims. Why have judges who break criminal laws and  constitutional laws to find for the one who appointed them or otherwise to purposely obstruct justice? 
7.Please read the Statement of the Case for more reasons.

For the foregoing reasons the Extraordinary Writ should be granted.


CITIZEN'S NAME:   Sheila Bilyeu ; P.O. Box 1573; Ormond Beach FL 32175

Sheila Bilyeu; P.O.Box 1573: Ormond

The United States Attorney's Office is staffed by lawyers who represent the United States Government and various federal agencies. This office does not provide legal advice to private individuals. While we prosecute allegations of violations o federal criminal laws, this office does not conduct investigations independenty of these agencies. When" appropriate, we will forward the information you have to the applicable agency. Please print a grief summary of you; complaint or the Information you wish to give. Be as specify as possible. Your information may be given to the appropriate state ,local or federal agency for review and possible investigation If necessary, they will contact you You may complete the form here and leave it with the receptionist or take it with you and mail to us at: United States Attorney's Office; 201 Federal Building; 80 Nortl Hughey Avenue; Orlando, Florida 32801
I have written President Clinton, Janet Reno, I went to see tru F.B.I. About being stalked and people trying to ruin my health and perhaps worse probably, trying to kill me with toxic fumes, adulterated food etc. The Govt, is aware and planned to put this brainwave thing in my head to apparently trv to make people dislike or hate me. Please see: Civil Case #97-198-CV-OR 27 delivered to you 3-4-97 for details. Consider this as filing a criminal suit against the same defendants; if I get satisfaction in the Civil Suit above or one pending and stalking and life threatening toxic fumes are stopped, I can drop criminal charges. OTHER AGENCIES: Yes, the F.B.I, etc.

80 North Hughey Ave. Orlando,Florida,32801
Sheila Bilyeu P.O. Box 1573 Ormond Beach,Fl 32175
Dear Ms. Bilyeu:
This is to acknowledge receipt of your Citizen Complaint I intake form which was received in this office on March 4,. 1997.
Your complaint form alledges matters that are civil in nature. Because you have filed a civil lawsuit in the United States district Court naming Federal officials as defendants, this office accordingly, you will receive a responsive pleading to your allegations in the near future..
Charles R. Wilson
United States Attorney
By s/ Rick L. Jancha
Managing Asistant U.S.Attorney

U .S. District Court in the District of Columbia
Sheila Bilyeu
v.CASE No.00CV2290
Former President Clinton et al
Motion to again ask for Withdrawal(cancel, dismiss, etc).)  Case # 00CV2290
The Plaintiff originally filed a motion to withdraw this case on 2-12-01 and filed a new case because she realized she would undoubtedly not get Justice on a case filed during Clinton's reign. She also filed a motion on the same piece of paper asking for Judge Lamberth to rule on her new case because he has not been afraid to rule against Clinton. The motion for withdrawal of Case #00CV2290 and the motion asking for Judge Lamberth had to be refilled because it had been temporarily lost by the court. After receiving an order regarding case 00CV2290, the Plaintiff called the court and was told that Judge Roberts was not clear as to what the Plaintiff wanted, so she needed to refile the motion and include the word dismiss in the motion. Please withdraw (dismiss) Case 00CV2290 and again, please have Judge Lamberth be my Judge on my new case 1:01CV00321. It is imperative that I get a judge who is not beholder or sympathetic to Clinton. Thank you. The new case's first "listed offense is Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. Also, please refund my money on Case 00CV2290.
;SheUa Bilyeu; P.O.Box 220270;Chantilly,Va 20153

United States District Court in the District of Columbia
Sheila Bilyeu
CASE #002290
U.S. Govt, (those guilty) and Bill Clinton Answer to Defendant's Move to Dismiss
The Plaintiff has filed a motion before filing Case#_l:01CV321 to withdraw Case #00CV2290 and asking for Judge Lamberth because he is the only Judge in the D.C, District Court that she knows has ruled against Bill Clinton; the D.C. Court is loaded with Clinton appointed Judges, because he wanted them to dismiss his crimes. She also found it necessary to file two more sets of motions making the same requests. In the event that something happens to those motions, she will go ahead and answer the Defendant's Motion "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted" defense even though case #0OCV2290 should have already been withdrawn. The defense is inadequate-pathetic. The Plaintiff was told at a U.S. Govt, facility, Luke Airforce Base, that she needed an operation that she did not need which resulted in the criminal brainwave-broadcasting implant being put in. That is illegal, criminal, and immoral to do that to a human being; death row inmates aren't even done that way. As a result of that, defamation, and lying insinuations, she became a target of conspirators who gas(toxic fume)),stalk, and harass. She pleaded with Clinton in a letter and also with Janet Reno. She went to the F.B.I, and also called them, etc. etc. Clinton not only did not help but the most life threatening and health destroying conspiracies and injustices have happened during his reign. She has had nasty, mean, words and phrases (such as the N. word) transmitted in to make people think she is a mean person; horrible gassing(toxic fume) wars against he have caused physical damage and she has had her lifef threatened. It has been very bad recently and she does not expectit to stop until Clinton is indicted or her case against him is over in her favor. She has had obstruction of Justice and conspiracies done to her in every federal court where she has filed and also U.S. Attorney's offices; and man; conspiracies have been perpetuated in other federal building and  by federal employees using tax payer equipment. Clinton has also committed despicable crimes against other victims iand treasonous acts against everyone good in this country such as selling military secrets to China etc .etc Which part of treason, attempted murder, personal injury torture,conspiracy to obstruct Justice, Conspiring to deny civil rights (privacy etc.), deny protection, stalking gasing(toxic fumes), deny human rights ( Geneva Convention},: i.e, leaving the brainwave devices in an transmitting in mean nasty words, harassing in other ways etc., a claim upon which relief can be granted" The "Defendants defense is extremely inadedquate and pathetic The ,U.S.Attorney's Office in D.C. should be indict Clinton for his crimes against her and other victims and his treasenous acts to every good person in this country instead  of defending theClinton. As the Plaintiff recalls, the
U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago is not defending him in one of his pardons. U.S. Attorney White of New York is not only not defending him but she is prosecuting him as the D.C U.S. Attorney should. Please indict and prosecute Clinton for all of his horrible crimes and find for this Plaintiff in these travesties of Justice.

A-copy will he sent.. defendants,l certify.

s/Sheila Bilyeu P.O. Box 220270 ...Chantilly ,VA

Civil Action No. 00-2290(RWR)
WILLIAM CLINTON, et al., Defendants
On April 3,2001,plaintiff moved to dismiss this case. In
addition, she contacted the Court and asked that it be
"ended forever." In light of those representations, it is
hereby ORDERED that this case shall, without further
order, stand dismissed with prejudice.
Signed this 4^ day of April ,2001.
s/Richard W.Roberts

APPENDIX F: MOTION TO QUASH ORDER TO DISMISS * WITH PRE]UDICE CASE #CV002290 ENTERED APRIL 23, 2001 CASE No. CV002290District Court in The District of Columbia
Sheila BilyeuCASE o.CV002290v. US.;Govt (those Guilty) and Bill Clinton
Motion to Quash Order To Dismiss with Prejudice Case CV002290
Judge .Roberts writes that the-Plaintiff said that she wanted this case "dismissed forever." in light of those representations, it is 
- hereby ORDERED that this case shall, without further order stand dismissed." The Plaintiff Never said Nor will she ever say that; she will Never quit trying to get JUSTICE: the brainwave device out, stop the gassers, harasser, stalkers,/'obstructors of JUSTICE or stop trying to get Clinton indicted,she will take it to a higher court- the U.S. Supreme Court whatever she has to do for Justice. Whoever said that she
said that she wanted it "dismissed forever" is an obstructor of Justice among other things. She made a motion 2-12-01 to have Case #CV002290 withdrawn and asked for Judge Lamberth to Judge her case in order to file a new case against Clinton under a new administration and hopefully a different Judge; she moved to have Judge Lamberth before paying for the new case. Judge Roberts, a Clinton Appointee, denied her getting Judge Lamberth. If his court does not care about JUSTICE, she will take the case elsewhere-the Supreme Court etc.. where, hopefully, she will finally get Just Judges who care; about Justice and are not Clinton men.Sheila  Bilyeu; P.O.Box 220270; Chantily,VA 20153
 A copy will be sent the Defendants, I certify s/Sheila Bilyeu